About Us

Bowman Holt Creative Advertising

Launched in 2002, Bowman Holt, Inc. was formed with the desire to mingle marketing expertise with their joint skills in advertising. Doug and Michelle decided from the beginning that this enterprise would be different: listen to people’s goals, then devise a strategy to help them get there. Sounds simple, but there are many agencies out there who are only out to use the same template on every business, over and over.

“We want people to know we care about their business and we want to help them grow,” says Michelle Holt. “We can’t make that happen and keep them happy unless we listen to what their goals are, then show them how we can make that happen through marketing. We ask lots of questions, then use their answers to create a plan to help them reach their goals. When we succeed together, our clients become our friends, seeking our counsel to grow even further.”

“We love to help businesses of all sizes, but we seem to have the best success with small-to-medium size companies,” added Doug Bowman. “Large companies are nice to work with, but you truly feel like we’re making a difference when we are enlisted to help smaller companies. These companies have a lot at stake, so it means a lot when they trust us with the prosperity of their livelihood, the businesses they have worked so hard to nurture. That’s what we call a win-win situation.”

Some of the Industries We Serve

We’ve been doing this a while, so we have a lot of experience in many industries, including:
– Associations
– Banking/Financial
– Beauty
– Insurance
– Manufacturing
– Medical (Dental, Doctors, Healthcare Facilities)
– Retail
– Service Industries (Electricians, HVAC, Plumbing, Storm Shelter, Construction)
– Theatre /Entertainment

Don’t see your field here? Give us a call- we love to learn!

But It’s Not Really About Us, It’s About You!

Sure, we’re creative, but what good does that do you if it doesn’t increase your revenue?

We could tell you how great we are, but all you really need to know is we have experience (more years than we care to tell you) and we care about your business. We will ask questions, provide solutions and employ strategies to help you succeed. That’s what you care about, right?

So, what can we help you achieve today?